Magical Girl TD Magical Girl TD

Magical Girl TD

Magical Girl TD

Magical Girl TD is the Tower Defense type game.
Using 7 types of the Magic girl, complete 41 stages!
You can’t complete the diverse stages without using your noodle!

The Magical girl has her own magic, and she can be upgraded up to 3 times.
・Girl with Blue hair uses Magic Cutter, it hits a nearby enemy.
・Girl with Red hair uses Fire Magic, it hits a enemy at a distance.
・Girl with Yellow hair uses Lightning Magic, it hits enemies in the line fast.
・Girl with Green hair uses Slow Magic, it slows a enemy down.
・Girl with Black hair uses Explosion Magic, it hits enemies in the range powerfully.
・Girl with White hair uses Magic Ball, it hits at a long distance powerfully.
・Girl with pink hair uses Magic Wave, it penetrates enemies and goes to the edge of the screen.

Magical Girl TD must captivate you as quick as lightening.
Don’t miss it !

Magical Girl TD - haming


・Stage 1-4

red and blue position...

・Stage 2-9

used only one color...


Magical Girl TD Released and St. Valentine's day